Friday, December 15, 2017

Pampered Pooches

Ollie and Pepper were smelling decidedly doggy this week. To my bloodhound nose, it's eau de stale corn chips. So they made a trip to the local pet salon for a bath and some scissor work on their face fur to clean it up. I took them on the tandem leash and that was a freaking dog rodeo. But at least I entertained some folks who passed us on our way in and out with their antics. Best part - the holiday kerchiefs!

Patio Befores and Afters

It's not quite finished yet. The contractor will be returning next week to replace about eight of the slate tiles that cracked after installation before they were grouted and more secure. Plus the whole area needs a good scrub to get rid of the grout residue. And then everything gets sealed. But I'm already pleased with the results. As you can see below, it now has a much different feel even though we only changed up the hardscape and won't start on the landscaping until spring. 

Lizardville in the before pics above and below has been replaced with a fountain and some mulch for the time being. In the spring we'll finish updating this area with some non-fussy, low maintenance plants and a bit of river rock around the base of the fountain to add some visual interest.

The pic below is the old mismatched flagstone with the concrete slab they poured for an outdoor kitchen area they never built. This is the new location for our outdoor fireplace. 

About 18,000 gallons of water later and we've got a full pool once again. I followed the directions from the pool folks on chemicals and it has now turned a shade of green. I'm hoping the daily addition of muratic acid over the course of the next week will get it back to crystal clear. Otherwise I'll be ringing up the weekly pool service guys to help me maintain it. We're finally replacing the cheap and inefficient old sand filter with a new diatomaceous earth filtration system next week, so hopefully that helps keep the cement pond looking less like a home for alligators and nutria rats.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

A Moving Target

When the hooligans get wet in the rain or after the sprinkler system has run (or freak Texas snow like last Thursday), I put the dirt brown colored blanket on the bed and have them hop up there so I can get the blow dryer after them. But Pepper has this bad habit of thinking the blow dryer means it's time to attack big boy Ollie, which he doesn't appreciate. And so he growls, ducks and dodges to fend her off so they're dancing around the bed as a moving target while I wield the blow dryer in vain. The things a doggy mother does for her four-legged kids...


It's that time of year again, time for the teenager to find a dress for military ball in February. It's odd how that works, the whole school invited to dress up in floor length gowns to honor the school's corps of cadets. Students on one side of the ballroom and parents on the other, all seated at tables for dinner followed by a program afterwards. Then the parents bug out while the teens stay to enjoy the DJ. After all of that formal hoopla, the girls wear short party dresses to the junior-senior prom later in the spring. 

These two dresses made it on the short list when the junior went dress shopping with her best bud Saturday morning. Please note - the second dress would be in ice blue rather than the lilac you see in the pic. I'll let you know who the winner is in a couple months. Now she just has to wrangle a date for the event!

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Oh the weather outside is frightful

The helpful lady at a local nursery ordered my nice big fountain in October that was set to be delivered this week...

but then rain arrived Tuesday, soaked us all day yesterday/today and then turned into THIS just now (Thur night).

Snow on December 7 in central Texas... well I'll be. As the saying goes, just wait a bit and the weather will change on you. The high Monday was around 80. Then wet and soggy weather the past two days that led to our current temp of 36 and snow sticking in the yard. Therefore, fountain delivery dude is supposed to get my fountain to the house tomorrow afternoon barring a blizzard. Or freak December tornado. Because nothing surprises me much anymore with the weather.

The teen was wishing for a snow day tomorrow. Poor baby, dreaming about postponing her Spanish oral exam.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Timing is Everything

As central Texans, we bitch and moan about the fact that we always seem to be in stage this or that of drought restrictions, because the aquifer is low and we have to watch our water consumption. Only running the sprinkler system on your assigned day. Risking a fine if you get caught washing your car.

Today we finally got some nice rain after weeks of next to nothing... and of course it's the day of the ladies luncheon I'm hosting for the gals who live on our street. These ladies range in age from late 30s to mid 80s, with many of them on the upper end of that range. I was seriously concerned one of them would fall on my slick-as-glass front walk and break a hip. Thankfully, they all made it inside in one piece. We had lots of great food, good conversations and door prizes for the winners of the holiday trivia and guessing games I devised. They all oohed and aahed over their take-home gifts of Santa themed decorated cookies. Because seriously, they are like little works of art and ALMOST too pretty to eat. Almost.

With the rain, we got to see how the new slate covered patio would handle drainage. Thankfully, it's all greatly improved except this one patch where it puddled. And check out that new pool tile they installed - a big improvement over the kinda funky and permanently stained stuff we had removed.

Last but not least, I have to mention the most memorable part of the day. Down the road we'll look back with laughter and say remember the year Mimi (my mother) set the little stove on fire when she burned the butter and flames shot out of it about 45 min before the ladies luncheon was set to start? I'm still cleaning up that fire extinguisher mess and it's just not funny yet. As my man of the season Clark Griswold would say, "Hallelujah! Holy shit! Where's the Tylenol?" Because my back, it is paining me from crouching on the floor working to clean that danged oven.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

You serious, Clark?

It's hard to believe my favorite Christmas movie, "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation", hit theaters waaaaay back in 1989. I was still in college, just a youngster. No matter how many times I watch it, and that number must be nearing three digits these days, I still laugh like a loon at the squirrel scene and get tickled when Clark is putting up the gazillion lights on the house.

I annoy the family by quoting my favorite parts along with the characters. And so of course I had to order this t-shirt with all of the movie's famous quotes that I found on Etsy. 

Thanks, Griswolds, for keeping it real with the fun old fashioned family Christmases where the in-laws and outlaws get on your last nerve, but you still love 'em like crazy.