Thursday, April 27, 2017

Happy 22!

The soon-to-be graduate student turned 22 this week. We celebrated a bit early on Sunday after church at a local restaurant, but then I made a brisket meal and got some cupcakes from a local shop on the day of to mark it. She shares the same birthday with her daddy. It seems like eons ago since she was born in Boston. The husband skipped his law school classes that day. We played Trivial Pursuit while the Pitocin dripped and the contractions got progressively worse. No epidurals for me... not that I'm opposed. The caudal spaces in my spine are just really narrow and so all I got was a hit of pain meds in my IV to take the edge off. 

She got a bit of a rough start in life with some medical issues, but she has persevered. We'll move her 1300 miles from home in early July to get settled before grad school kicks in. I look forward to seeing where this path she's on takes her in the coming years. 

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